These appear at the top of any local page of an industry specific directory.

They adapt to the screen size. On a big screen they will be about the size of a smart phone but wider.

They will respond to a smart phone, fill its screen and be clearly legible,

and directly callable if you like.

That is a big benefit because more than half the searches and shopping is now done on a smart phone.

You nominate the local page heading for your ad.

You compose the ad. Bear in mind that lines will vary with screen size.

If you do not want fluid lines you can specify preformat text.

You choose linked text and specify the link URL.

You choose colors of background and text.

You send your markup to


USA SITES $US 5 per month for either 6 or 12 months

UK sites  £ 3.75 per month for either 6 or 12 months

AUSRALIA sites $AU 7.50 per month for either 6 or 12 months

You can get a refund of your subscription if you refer any other business who subscribes equally or more for any local page or post ad on any directory. They will need to say they have been referred by you. The same goes for them.

You will get a request to pay by Paypal before your ad is posted.


There will a limit on the number of ads on any local page or post depending on the population of the City. It will also depend on how many the directory. For professional practices such as a law firm it would be around one per 100,000 of population and for tradespersons generally working alone it could be as low as one per 10000 of population.

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