Go App – Make More Money

Go App – Make More Money

For promoting your website digital is the only way to go. Beyond being faster, cheaper, and infinitely more adaptable, digital advertising allows you to target the right audience and track your ad’s success

We live in the age of Facebook and Twitter (and the others) ads that know you better than you know yourself, and follow you around, so there’s no need for me to tell you the benefits here. But the average business owner does not realize how quickly mobile is growing nor how incredibly easy it is to generate new revenue when they mobilize your own business. And we’re not just talking make sites “mobile-friendly”. Here’s a few stats to make you sit up and notice :

  • In January 2014, mobile internet usage surpassed that of the PC for the first time, and since then has grown to be way ahead.
  • about a quarter of Millenials have ditched their computer and devoted themselves to their smartphones for online access.
  • Mobile apps account for 89% of time spent on mobile media, while only 11% is through the mobile web.
  • This year, the money spent on mobile marketing is close to that of desktop advertising, and by 2019, 72% of digital ad spending will go toward mobile.

In short: it’s all about mobile advertising, and mobile is all about apps. When you have an app for your business AND you’re using it to generate ad revenue, you’re killing two very profitable birds with one stone. But for those of us that don’t know how to build an app nor the time to build one, where do you start?

SEONoosa will make an app for Apple and Android smart phones just as you like – almost instantly and surprisingly cheaply. In a short while you’ll be way ahead and wishing you had got an app earlier.

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