Benefits Any Club, School or Church Can Get With An App

The Benefit of Quick and Easy Messaging of Members

Any organisation with many members can benefit from quick and easy communication.

A golf club may have a thousand members, a church may have a congregation of a thousand, a school may have a thousand students, and some many times more. Some of these may have a weekly newsletter that someone has to write and post or email. Some may rely on a notice board that is hardly noticed. Some may hope that members come to a website.

If any of them had an app and gave it to all members communication to members would be quick and easy. A school can notify parents of any problem, seek contributions for a fete, notify an event. A golf club, or RSL club can notify daily or nightly events at short notice. The golf clubs can have their course layout and scoring cards built in.

That’s just a few ideas. Once the app has been around for a while members will think of many other uses.

Way way back in the past my father was a country clergyman and believed in having a weekly newsletter. He’d spend all of some nights typing away on an old clunky typewriter making stencils for a Gestetner printing press (ones with messy black ink). We’d churn out several hundred of each of the pages, spend hours making a set of pages, stapling them, folding and putting into envelopes and writing addresses. Most of the parishoners were dairy farmers and I doubt they ever read the laboured words of my father. How much simpler it would be if the farmers got an SMS while they were rounding up or milking the cows, or mucking out the dairy! Well actually no, the parish has long since vanished.
















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