4 Benefits Every SMB Can Get From an App

Customer Loyalty

Credits can be put into an app any time a customer comes back in a similar way that loyalty cards or stamps or coupons may have been used. In US cafes and bistros have seen huge customer retention and growth from this feature alone.

Shopping Cart

Being able to shop online wherever they are and whenever they like will increase their spending in any store that has a shopping cart on a mobile app

Push Notifications

Even if you have collected a big email list and send many thousand emails you will get a much better return on your time and money spent with SMS notifications to customers. It’s a fact that only a small (and reducing) percentage of emails are opened and looked at but over 90% of SMS messages are read. Also customer’s smart phones are in a pocket or handbag most of the time. Their computers are not. An SMS notification can be composed and sent to a list and received in a few minutes. That is a huge adbvantage.

Food Ordering

Food ordering within an app has the benefit of letting any cafe or restaurant compete with the bigger businesses such as Pizza Hut and Dominos. This can either take away or sit down at a booked table. This is a benefit to customer and chef alike.

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